We believe building a successful business requires building effective relationships, grounded in engaged, motivated and accountable employees, supported by the Company’s culture


Our Values

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    To confront the difficult with empathy

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    To say what we mean: To mean what we say

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    To value the difference in others

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    To nurture a climate of emotional safety


Our Story

Erin Hillsdon with Doug Munro

Image: Erin Hillsdon with Doug Munro

Munro Group HR is a wholly owned and operated Australian people management business, founded in 1985 by Doug Munro.

Doug’s earlier executive management experience in the Private Sector prepared him well for this new business and explains the philosophy that helped build the business to a 35 people powerhouse in the early 2000’s, with a client base extending across Australia and internationally. As a consequence of the GFC and a focus on providing a personalised service the Group scaled down its operation in 2009.

The philosophy then, as it is today is as simple as it is profound: that “people are the lifeblood of any business”.

The philosophy involves the application of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ people management skills with as much attention focused on engagement and motivation as on regulatory compliance and accountability for actions and outcomes. The Group’s initial focus was on Executive Recruitment, however, with the appointment of Erin Hillsdon in 2005 Munro’s service offering expanded to include Human Resource Management.

This service proved so successful that in 2010 a dedicated Human Resource Division was established. Munro Group continued to expand, and in 2012 became involved with Family Business Australia (FBA). Two years later, in 2014 Erin was appointed an Accredited Family Business Adviser, and in 2016 she was appointed to FBA’s NSW & ACT Committee, a position she retains today. Consolidating a strong bond that has existed between the Munro Group and FBA to the present.

In 2014 Erin was appointed General Manager of Munro and two years later she acquired the business, which resulted in further expansion of the Group’s service offer to include Employee & Industrial Relations, Learning & Development, and Work Health & Safety.

Today Erin continues to instil in the Group the same passion for people and business that Doug espoused during his 31 years by continuing to develop close working relationships with several FBA Members, strategically aligned, and privately held Australian businesses. As a consequence, the Munro Group now offers a complete end-to-end People Management (HR) Service, providing clients with sound, proven and practical solutions to their business needs.

Underpinning the Group’s philosophy and passion is the commitment to ensure its recommendations are customised, cost effective, scalable, user friendly and most importantly serve as the best cultural ‘fit’ for our client.