How We’ll Work Together

How We’ll Work Together

Firstly, we listen.

We need to understand you, your goals, needs, concerns or frustrations and get a snapshot of your ‘big picture’. Then we’ll work with you to develop an action plan. It may be as simple as understanding what you would like to say and the impact you’d like to make.

Whether you have a specific training need, are writing a letter or report, making a presentation or delivering a speech, Communication with Understanding can help. We can offer everything from guidance to communication training, coaching and complete speech-writing services.

The Role Of Process Communication Model® (PCM)

The foundation of our communication services is the Process Communication Model® (PCM). PCM originated from a clinical model developed in 1972 by Dr Taibi Kahler, a world-renowned and internationally recognised clinical psychologist from the United States. His work focuses on the “how” of communication between people and led to him receiving the 1977 Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award for the most important scientific discovery of the year in his field of psychology.

PCM has been adopted by organisations as diverse as NASA, major international companies, and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. It’s an invaluable tool that will help you learn more about you and the psychology of communication.


Meet Phil Fagan,

the man behind Communication with Understanding.

Phil Fagan is an author and marketing and communications professional. He holds a Grad DipCom and MA in Communication Management, and is an Accredited Trainer and Course Facilitator in PCM.

His latest book is “Thoughts, Philosophies & Quotes for Leaders & Managers”.


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