HR Services

Strategic HR

Focuses on the creation of a strategic human resource ‘blueprint’ which reflects the company’s mission, objectives and goals. Covering all aspects of the business from organisation structure and staffing to recruitment, workforce planning and organisation development the ‘blueprint’ is designed to facilitate optimum performance at all levels of the business through individual, group and team performance. Strategic HR is about congruency and consistency with the mission.

Our underlying principle is ‘fit for purpose’.

HR Support Services

The focus here is to support management and help secure the business through establishing and/or maintaining documented routine practices, procedures and policies such that all internal systems remain aligned with the company’s mission. From Job Descriptions, Employee Handbooks and Contracts to performance management, rostering and exit interviews the objective is to ensure clarity and consistency so that management and staff are united in a common human resource management framework.

Our underlying principle is ‘effective partnering enhances proficiency’.

Communication Management

The focus is to capture the essence of the company’s mission in all communication, both internally and externally. From recruitment campaigns, strategic and operational initiatives to communication training, personal coaching and team development programs the objective is to achieve a shared understanding amongst all stakeholders in order to improve engagement, culture and performance.

Our underlying principle is ‘connecting people leads to improved performance’.

Safety, Risk & IR

The focus here is to protect the business, management, and staff through maintaining an operational vigilance and adherence to all mandatory and statutory operating requirements. This covers safety audits, claim management, Fair Work claims, workers compensation and the mental health code of practice and extends to designing appropriate and practical, user friendly and compliant safety systems. This includes ‘short course’ training in all of these specialized areas.

Our underlying principle is ‘pro-action and compliance affords a safer more productive workplace’.

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